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Granite supplier in Kolkata

Granite comes from the Latin word Granum which means grain of complete crystalline rock. Generally, granite is formed by the composition of quartz, alkali metal oxide, and plagioclase. Normally it is a rock of hard crystals thats why it is long-lasting to use in any part of the home. There are many colors of granites are available in the market. Baltic brown granite is the most popular granite nowadays. You can use granite in every corner like on the floor of the drawing-room, bedroom, and kitchen also. Granite is produced by some limited companies in India. By the way, we are the authorized granite suppliers and wholesalers in Kolkata. We have many branches in Kolkata. Now we are the granite suppliers in Sonarpur, Rajpur, Garia. You should verify the business of granite suppliers in Kolkata before placing an order. The floor of granite is fully colorful along with a very fine surface which can raise the age of your home because of its hard crystal nature. Now we are happy to supply granite to every corner of Kolkata like Sonarpur, Garia, Rajpur, Tollygunge. We are the supplier and wholesaler of baltic granite in Kolkata.

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Is granite is a rock ?

Granite is a crystal which is composed of many substance.You may call graphite is a one type of rock.

Which is better tiles or granite ?

Both are good but granite will lasting more than tiles .

Is granite is very expensive?

Granite is expensive but it can be bearable by middle standard family.

How many colours granites are available ?

Granites are available in many colour.

How can i know best granite supplier in kolkata?

Just check the stock of granite and it's transaction. The surface of good quality granite always shigning very much.