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Sanitary supplier in Kolkata

Sanitary products are very much necessary to give full completion of your home. Sanitary products consists of wash basin, toilet seats, kitchen sinks, bathroom sanitary ware, flush tanks, sanitary fittings, toilet accessories, bathroom vanity, toilet PAN and many more. There are many types of variety available for each products. We the sanitary supplier in Kolkata with providing modern sanitary products to our all customers like ceramic product, acrylic sanitary ware product etc. By the way, we are the sanitary product supplier and wholesaler in Kolkata. We have many branches in Kolkata. Now we supply sanitary products to every corner in Sonarpur, Rajpur, Garia. You should verify the business of sanitary suppliers in Kolkata before placing an order. Remember sanitary products can fit your wall with your dream interior.

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What is sanitary material

Sanitaryware materials are made up of ceramic ware that used in bathrooms.
Some of the sanitary ware products are. Toilets. Washbasins etc.

Is wash basin is a sanitary product ?

Of course wash basin is a sanitary product .

Are aluminum sanitary product available?

Yes sanitary products made of aluminum are available in market .

Which is the best toilet PAN?

In our knowledge all types of PAN are good. But I think ceramic white modern
water closet sanitary and OSIS sanitary wares ceramic sanitary ware.

How much cost is for wash basin?

Generally cost of wash basins starts from Rs 350.00 to Rs 22,500 in our shop .