About Us

Who we are

Baid Marble & Tiles Pvt Ltd is popular to deliver extraordinary designs of exotic marbles and elegant tiles to stylize your dream house. Along with experienced visionaries who have left an enduring mark in the marbles for since 30 years, Baid Marble & Tiles Pvt Ltd possesses natural stones coming from all over the world and brings them to your homes. 

We have been around for over since 30 years. Our team at Baid Marble is very professional and knowledgeable in extracting the stone, turning it into blocks, polished slabs or small marble tiles which will surely meet the needs of each individual designer.

  Thanks to a combined showroom, a go-down along with a technologically advanced manufacturing process, we are the expert in designing your future.

Our Mission

We have arranged a complete groundwork with a massive range of marble stones in thousands of homes in the city and several other states in India. We have been turning many people’s home into the excellence of architecture for the past 25 years. More than 2 Lac * happy customers for last 25 years driven with team spirit. It is our responsibility to bring to you the best of best marble blocks which are not only rare to find but also provide the best economic solutions to you.

Our prestigious clients are

Srijan Realty, Jaypee Project, Rajwada Group, Merlin Group, P.S. Group, Ganguly Group, Siddha Group, ITC and many more small Developers.