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kota stone and black stone supplier in Kolkata

Kota stone is a fine–grained variety of limestone which is found in the Kota district of Rajasthan in India. We are the best Kota stone supplier in Kolkata. Kota stones are light in weight. It can be used for flooring and it is less expensive as compare to marble and granite. Generally, kota stones are available in the market in five colors only i.e blue, grey, green, red, and black. Black kota stone, grey kota stone, and red kota stones are the most popular in the market. We the kota stone and black stone supplier in Kolkata with providing the latest kota stone products to customers at best price. We have a kota stone and black stone shop in Kolkata . By the way, we are the best kota stone and black stone supplier and wholesaler in Kolkata. We have many branches in Kolkata. Now we supply kota stone products to every corner in Sonarpur, Rajpur, Garia. You should verify the business of composite suppliers in Kolkata before placing an order.

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Basic knowledge before final order

Can we use kota stone for the exterior part of our house?

Yes, you can use kota stone at the exterior part, driveways, corridors, balconies.

Which color kota stone is most popular?

Grey, black and red-colored kota stones are most popular in the market.

Is maintenance is high?

No, maintenance is not high but you have to take care every day or on a regular basis.

Is it expensive?

Although it is expensive it is manageable. Now it is available at the rate of Rs 10.00/Sq. meter to Rs 50.00/Sq. meter

Is available in India except for Rajasthan’s Kota district?

Still, now no data is available at our end.

Can you put a hot pan on it?

Yes, you can put a hot pan on it.

Is it a paper?

No, it is not a paper.

Is it customize?

Yes, you can customize it as per your need.