Which is a Healthy Option? Marbles or Tiles?


Which is a Healthy Option? Marbles or Tiles?

Do you know in Kolkata there are so many different places where you can get Tiles and Marble? But are all the places good for selecting marbles? No, it is not. Marbles and Tiles are very good things to design your home, In Kolkata, we know it is the city of joy, and here so many beautiful things happen. But marbles are something, tiles are something that you must always buy after a lot of analysis. Kolkata has varieties of quality marble many people like many kinds of marble. So, if you want to buy proper marble in Kolkata then the most and the authentic best marble shop in sonarpur, Rajpur is there. 

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Now you must decide which one marble or Tiles are best for your home. If you have decided it right then your house will look very beautiful. Your house will shine out and you will see that as you have analyzed and designed your home so your house is looking way better than any other. 

But not all houses are suited for everything. Not all places are suited for any other options. So, you must analyze and decide which is the most healthy option for your home. If you decide on marble then it also has a reason, if you decide on tiles then that is also has a reason. 

Now we will see and we will know whether you must choose marble or tiles. When you will know it all then you will worry no more rather you will be much happier and safer. You will choose to know which is best and how to do it right. 

Allergy Problem

Many people have an allergy to different things. You must decide if you have an allergy to marble or tiles? If you have any kind of allergy to either of them then you must design your house accordingly. If you do not understand this much then you shouldn’t use any of them in your house. You must always do the allergy test. 

Problems of Germs and Microbes:

Many a time problems of germs and microbes are dangerous. You do not always understand which accumulate germs and microbes much. Most of the time if marbles are used in bathrooms then sometimes they are not that resistant to germs and Microbes. So, it is better to use tiles there. 

The joint-related problem 

you have any kind of joint-related problem then that problem might increase if you walk on Marble because marble is very cold and they are extremely cold during winters. So, in such a case you must always use tiles. If not then you will face a lot of problems. 

What to do

If you have a problem with one then never compromise. If you do compromise then that will be a problem for you and you will have to suffer for that reason.  

There are many marble suppliers in Kolkata, but if you want to buy the best Marble then buy it from the best and then get the best rate too.