Overview of Granite and it’s availability in Kolkata


Overview of Granite and it’s availability in Kolkata

Granite is a rock that is composed of quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase. Normally granite is formed from silica-rich magmas and a light color plutonic rock like white, pink, and grey depending on their mineralogy. But the content of alkali feldspar and quartz in granite is highly reflected. So the cool crystal of granite is fully solidified underground. The granite which is derived from partial melting of mat igneous rock has cleavage planes. Generally, granite is hard and tough in nature, that’s why it is used for construction in a wide range till now. It is available in all most more than 80% of countries in the world. But in India granite rocks are available in many states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, etc.

There are many colored granites are available in India like white granite, red granite, black granite, gold granite, blue granite, galaxy granite, and many more. The cost of granite is average in India. As the surface of granite rock is hard and tough most people are rising their interest to make a granite floor in their home. Especially they prefer for their kitchen which maintains high genic along with long-lasting. It is less oily than marbles. So that is better for older age persons as well as the child. The other reasons to prefer kitchen flooring are due to high heat resistance, high stain resistance, high strength, and looks are also attractive. Therefore everyone can work here freely with the best safety. But you should collect the right information before purchasing granite because the resistance of heat, stain, and strength may differ from granite to granite depending on their composition. But sure the granite floor will serve more than 15 years finely if you will take care properly.

Apart from inside the home, granites are used in various areas due to it’s hardness and toughness in nature along with margined costing. So that granite is used for making stones for construction materials. These stones are used for making both building construction, and bridge construction. It is one of the natural stones and harder than marbles. As granite stones are cutting thin like structures, we can use them for exterior design also.

Now, most of the people in Kolkata are preferring to make a granite floor in the kitchen and they are very much interested to make the exterior design with granite. To keep this in mind there are many granite suppliers in Kolkata are available and they are supplying granites all over Kolkata. They set up granite shops in Kolkata, Garia, Sonarpur, Tollygunge, and many more areas. If you are from Garia then you should not worry about granite because there are many granite shops in Garia. Similarly, so many granite shops are available in Sonarpur. If you will not get a granite shop in Garia or Sonarpur then you should go for a marble shop in Garia or a marble shop in Sonarpur because marble shops also keep granite as per demand. So before purchasing granite you should collect the right information about granite suppliers in Kolkata along with their experience. Because an experienced granite supplier can provide you with proper material as per your requirement. Now, most of the marble suppliers in Kolkata are supplying both marbles and granite all over Kolkata. They deliver materials at the doorstep of their customers. It is very important to know that an actually, experienced supplier can collect quality granite and marble from branded manufacturers So that you will have the chance to get well furnishing materials for your home within your budget.