Comparison of Marble floor with other floors


Comparison of Marble floor with other floors

The demand for marble floors is increasing gradually nowadays due to many reasons. Now, most of the people in India want to decorate their homes for the best freshness. Apart from this, they want to give extraordinary looks to their homes. Now marbles are available at every corner in India easily due to the vast manufacture of marble in India. There are lots of natural marbles stones areas situated in Rajasthan along with many manufacturing units. So that, the peoples in India gets all types of marbles easily. There are many marble suppliers in Kolkata and India providing marbles to all over Kolkata and India. Let us discuss the marble floors and other floors below.

1. Marble floor with cement floor:-

 In ancient, the people in India had made mud floor for their homes but later it has upgraded by the people. More than 85% of people are preferring cement concrete floors for their homes because it is easy to clean the surface. Apart from this, the concrete floor is long-lasting as compared to the mud floor. But now around 10% of people are preferring to make marble floors for it’s shining and long lasting. Also, they can decorate their homes with marbles.

 2. Marble floor with tiles floor:-

 Both marbles and tiles raise the looks of the home. Although both the floor of marbles and tiles are very smooth and shining but also there is a little difference between these two floors. Marble floors are lasting more than tiles floors and it is easier to make marble floor than tiles floor. Making of marble floor takes less time than tiles floor. But it is portable to set tiles in everywhere of your homes. Marble floors are harder than tiles floor.

 3. Marbles floor with granite floor:-

 Both marble floors and granite floors have a hard surface with very much shining. Both are used for both normal floor and kitchen floor. But marble floors are smoother than granite floors. As granites are prepared from the rock then it will be taken more time to manufacture. It is easier to get marble than granite in India.

Some basic advantages of marble floor:-

 Marble is highly durable. It is fully safe from fire.

  • The lasting of marble floor is lasting for a long time due to hardwearing and registrant of heat. 
  • It reflects lights very well. As a result, your eye can get sufficient light.
  • The looks of the marble floor are gorgeous.
  • Marble can be used in every room easily.
  • Italian marble creates a very magnificent impact that can be used for interior design.

 There are many marble suppliers in Kolkata are available to provide marbles in Kolkata. They have set up a marble shop in Kolkata for their customers. Apart from this, they set up a marble shop in Garia which serve the peoples of Garia, Kolkata. The marble shop in Sonarpur provides marble to the people of Sonarpur area. There are many marble suppliers in Kolkata are supplying marbles to all over Kolkata as per customers’ needs.